Spirituotherapy Workshop

The Workshop puts into practice the knowledge gained at the Exchanged Life Conference. This module uses lectures, demonstration, and “hands on” training for Christ-centered counseling/discipleship. This module is the second of three required for certification in Exchanged Life Counseling.

If abstract counseling education can be compared to music theory, this Spirituotherapy Workshop can be compared to showing you how to play a song on a musical instrument! That “song” is Amazing Grace that can bring transformational change; the instrumentality is the step-by-step Exchanged Life Counseling process. Participants learn about how to determine a counseling model, components of Exchanged Life Counseling, and the overall context of discipling and people-helping. Practical instruction is given on how to begin a session, how to distinguish “presenting problem(s)” from the root problem(s), how to structure the counseling sessions, how to take a  social/ spiritual history, and how to guide the counselee to know Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. The Workshop notebook is packed with diagrams that are used in the personal ministry process.

The three and a half days include teaching, training, video demonstrations, and one-to-one practice sessions. The event is enriched by worship, fellowship, and testimonies.

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Tuition of $325 pp; $450 per couple includes a notebook, lunch on Tuesday and Thursday, and refreshments. Registration with full payment or $100 deposit is due prior to the event. Alumni can return for a refresher @ half price. Prerequisites: GFI Exchanged Life Conference (live, by DVD, audio CD or webinar). Highly recommended: read Dr. Charles Solomon’s books: Handbook to Happiness, The Ins and Out of Rejection, and Handbook for Christ-Centered Counseling (available from online bookstore or GFI office). A certificate is given to those who complete the Workshop. To register, contact GFI (Box 368, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868) call toll-free: 1-888-66GRACE. You can use the online registration on the events calendar page. If you register for the Workshop and Online Lecture Series at the same time, the Conference is free (online and/or live event). Students may inquire about attending the Conference, Workshop, and Institute for practicum credit at Luther Rice University (www.LutherRice.edu). Please contact Dr. Ron Cobb at LRU.

Event location: First Baptist Church of Pigeon Forge, 3290 Parkway Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. www.fbcpf.org Phone. 865-453-4647

Comments from participants:

[I benefited most from:]

      • “Videos of examples and reinforcement of basic information and how to present it. Excellent.”
      • “The in-depth discussion of specific topics”
      • “Clarification of the diagrams as well as the practice sessions”
      • “Repetition and practice led to learning quickly and gaining ability to be used”

“The Cross is the Answer to people’s emotional problems.”

“Personal application was helpful and facilitated working with and meeting other participants.”

“Words cannot express what I have learned and experienced.”

“This workshop has been very educational and inspiring. We have been truly blessed by it. It not only demonstrated but also illustrated the total life of Christ. This has been a spiritual adventure and our lives have been changed through this workshop. The Instructors were very knowledgeable and wise in teaching. Thank you very much.”

“I was able to deepen and broaden my understanding of the exchanged life; I learned an effective counseling model that can be used to help others. Outstanding and comprehensive as presented – well organized, interesting, excellent presentations.”

“All the concepts were helpful. Nothing was missing. It could not have been presented any better than it was. Thank you so much for helping me to understand the Exchanged Life and my new identity! I now have the tools to study and practice to be able to tell others how to experience Christ’s life of victory, peace and freedom. I will continue to pray for you your team, and Grace Fellowship International in the ministry God has placed you in.”

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