Are you looking for materials to use in small groups and classes? GFI’s Christ-centered, grace-oriented discipleship curriculum is designed to equip you for fruitful ministry.

Level 1  Introductory
How to Exchange Your Life for a New One (by Dr. Phil Jones) gives five easy-to-follow lessons that are ideal to help a seeker or new believer lay a foundation for spiritual life and growth. A Teacher’s edition and leader’s MP3 audio series are available to help those who use this booklet do so in context and with confidence. Popular uses: one-to-one, church visitor follow up (assimilation), new members class, prison ministry…

Level 2  DVD Assisted
These 8 lesson Bible studies are intended especially for small groups in homes or church. Each comes with a workbook, and a DVD album with Leader’s Guide CD. Dr. John Woodward teaches the 25-30 minute lessons that correspond to the workbook chapters.

For Me to Live is Christ (by Dr. Charles Solomon) presents the essentials of living and sharing Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. It is an inductive Bible study version of Handbook to Happiness (Tyndale House Publishers). See a sample video here.

The New Life (by Reginald Wallis) gives a classic and profound overview of how to live a more victorious Christian live in light of the New Covenant. See a sample video here.

Level 3  Discipleship Courses
The two Grace Discipleship courses (Basic and Advanced) were written by Dr. Lee Turner. Each one consists of a 12 chapter inductive Bible study on how to grow as a disciple of Christ through a grace perspective. Popular uses: one-to-one mentoring, home Bible studies, curriculum for recovery ministries…

These books and DVD albums are available in the online store. Inquire about church and quantity discounts by calling toll free 1-888-66grace.