Certified Exchanged Counselor
Recovery Coach Specialization

Those who have completed their basic Exchanged Life Counselor certification can gain an additional specialization. (Revised 9/22)

The Recovery Coach training module 

Books to read

Freedom from Addiction (Neil Anderson & Mike Quarles) FreedfromAddicton.org
Beside Still Waters (Cherri Freeman) LoveThemToLife.com
Addiction: The Facts (George Crabb & Steve Curington) or Life’s Healing Choices (John F. Baker Jr.)
Helping Others Overcome Addiction (Steve McVey & Mike Quarles) FreedfromAddicton.org


Freedom From Addictive Behaviors (Mike & Julia Quarles) DVDs or online access. Order here.  Webinar notebook

Online Courses

Living Free 101  livingfreeacademy.org

Navigating The Recovery Journey.  Grace Study Hall.org

Personal Ministry Practicum

20 hours of documented Recovery Coach ministry
This practicum is fulfilled at the student’s location. The Practicum Supervision fee
covers the monitoring of the trainee’s progress, Core Knowledge Review, and four supervisory phone sessions.

Additional Recommended Resources: Recommended mtls

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