Puzzle_handAlthough Grace Fellowship is primarily an equipping and training ministry, we also provide short term Biblical counseling as scheduling permits. (When couples are counseled, we reorient them to go through the individual process first, then the marital issues can be addressed more effectively.)

Weekly appointments

At the GFI headquarters
By telephone
Via Skype

One week Intensive

Based on assessment and availability, a week of mornings or afternoons at GFI can be conducted.
Reading/viewing/journaling assignments are done before and during the week.


Alumni of the conference call GFI for confidential consultation on discipleship counseling cases.

Financial Policy

GFI does not have a required payment or fee scale, but it is expected that the counselee cover the cost of his/her materials and contribute toward the ministry’s operational expenses.


This article introduces our counseling model: The Doctor is In: Biblical Counseling In Context.

A dramatized Spirituotherapy session by Dr. Solomon is instructive and available on DVD or online: Online Store

Counsleees are encouraged to do preliminary reading/viewing as a “head start” such as:

Handbook to Happiness
Exchanged Life Conference
For Me to Live is Christ online course

Some testimonies from counselees and training alumni are on the GFI video chanel, audio channel, books (From Pastors to Pastors, Discipling the Desperate, and GraceNotebook.com (search “Testimony”).


Here are some forms available to download:

These forms can be brought to one’s first session or sent to GFI by email, mail, or fax (865-429-0144).

You can inquire about our biblical counseling process and and availability by phoning GFI (865-429-0450) or by using this form: