As time permits, a short term counseling process is available by telephone, email, and Skype.

1.  You are asked to acquire from GFI two essential books by Dr. Charles Solomon: The Ins and Out of Rejection, and Handbook to Happiness.  Prior to the first session you are asked to read at least chapters 1-4 in the Rejection book and chapters 1,2 in Handbook. This will give you an opportunity to gain insights on a major factor in most personal and relational conflicts. The reading also explains the core message of the counseling process.

2. It is recommended that you view the GFI basic conference (DVD or online webinar).

3. Procedure

The counselee places the call for each session, taking responsibility for any long distance charges. Calls are usually an hour, involving from two to six sessions. At the conclusion of each session an appointment is made for the following session as needed/available. There are no set fees, but suggested (tax deductible) donations to GFI.

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