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I Survived a Pulmonary Embolism

by Rob Clogg
peI just survived a pulmonary embolism. I feel blessed and give thanks to God to be alive. Through this I have gained a whole new perspective on health and living. There is nothing like lessons learned from life experience. This experience is now part of my resume. This post includes a few things I have discovered.

What Happened: Being in overall good health, two weeks ago I began my usual spring clean-up. After sweeping in a very dusty area (without a mask), I developed some chest tightness and had difficulty breathing. There was no particular strain from working that day. A few days later I was bending over on another project without stretching or giving the back enough relief and this resulted in significant lower back pain. At the time I was convinced the problem was muscular.

The back pain and breathing difficulties led to a decision to sleep in a lounge chair for a few nights and this actually seemed to help. Both the back pain and breathing completely subsided. I thought I was out of the woods until Thursday, April 9th when I woke with a sharp pain in my right leg. Thinking there might be a muscular connect from the earlier back strain, I did not go to emergency until Saturday morning.

After numerous tests it was discovered that I had a nasty leg clot that had broken off and gone to both lungs. I spent the next three days in the hospital and was put on IV blood thinners. Though multiple lung clots were diagnosed it was determined that I would not need surgery. Further tests have indicated that my health is otherwise good and that I should recover. I continue to have leg pain and it will take a while for the big clot to dissolve.

Though some people heard about this earlier and have been supportive in prayer, visits and calls; I am writing now because I felt up to it and because today’s CT scan was quite promising with good news. I would appreciate your prayers as I heal and move forward.


  1. I am alert to stories about clots in the lungs like never before. Many people have not survived this and I am most grateful that I did.
  2. A person needs to know enough about areas where they are vulnerable.
  3. Life is certainly in the blood and it needs to flow.
  4. People love and care for me and really want me to stay around.
  5. God has a destiny for every one of us. He has more for me.
  6. Although this was quite traumatic, I was protected.

Since I am trying to learn as much as possible from this, please share any thoughts or advice that you have for me at robclogg Thanks for your friendship and prayers.

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However: My Journey From Rejection and Sexual Brokenness to Acceptance and Fidelity

A Personal Testimony
By Richard M.

Having come into this world in 1952, I entertained two ideas about myself from a very early age: the feeling of being “extra,” unnecessary, unwanted, had over-ridden all other emotions since I can remember; the cry of my heart for a man to love me, care about me, accept me … again, ever since I can remember.

Shortly after I turned six, something happened which added to the decimation of my personhood, though as an adult it helped make sense out of my childhood experiences. My younger sister was born about a month-and-a-half after my sixth birthday. One day shortly thereafter I had done something wrong. (Name a six-year-old who hasn’t!) This time my mother’s only response was: “We wanted your older brother, we wanted your little sister. We were stuck with you!” Until then I only thought I had a concept of the meaning of hard times…

Continue reading the full testimony here…

Testimonies from Workshop Alumni

Renee and Robert with John & Chuck 11/2014

Renee and Robert with John & Chuck 11/2014

Testimonies from November’s Workshop are arriving. Renee W. has written up her testimony about the way God has used this Christ-as-Life message in her spiritual journey.

And Jim H. reports from Mexico that God is impacting lives through his teaching and using the GFI Spanish resources in counseling situations there. Praise the Lord!

Cross to Life Testimonies

testimoniesOn June 18th Hope Academy in Minneapolis hosted an event for Cross to Life Discipleship Ministries. This lay counseling ministry (an affiliate of GFI) offers a 12 week Exchanged Life process to help individuals appropriate their new identity in Christ. At this meeting four women testified of how God used this ministry in their lives. A video is available online GFI’s YouTube channel here.



Resurrection Day Poem

Taught by the Holy Spirit

Just a note to say thank you, Dr. Solomon, for sharing the truth in your message today. I will pass this on to my Pastor as it is good truth! I am thankful that the Holy Spirit taught me from the beginning and still does, or I would be a mess…but He never gives up on me and He keeps teaching me, and we are changing. Praise His Holy name. Thanks again,

– Emily and J. S.

Testimony and Prayer Request

Hi Catherine,

I am the guy who came by the office to visit your dad [Chuck Solomon] some time ago and he autographed a copy of the Handbook for me. I didn’t have money for the book at the time but your dad was gracious enough to give me a copy which I paid for later.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I must share a little of my testimony with you and your dad. I was married to one lady for thirty years who recently divorced me. I hurt really bad, and still do, but I just wanted to let you know how great our God Is. Since that unhealthy relationship ended, it’s as if God has taken full control of my life and become closer than any friend can be. The deeper my pain, the deeper His grace.

I have sons who haven’t spoken to me in over nine months. I have recently reconnected with both of them and it has been a miracle. They both went on a long awaited vacation with their dad and our time together was awesome. God literally parted the Red Sea in what seemed like impossible circumstances. We just have one more person to come back to complete this wonderful new thing that God is doing. I am believing and claiming in Jesus’ name that God is going to do something new in my ex wife’s heart, because He is the God of the impossible. Will you pray and believe with me?. . . I love you guys and God bless. . .

[name withheld]