Some statistics for 2021

Counseling sessions provided

in-person 140

phone and zoom: 331

Coaching sessions (mostly by phone): 202


Conferences/seminars conducted: 6

Workshops conducted: 5

Webinars: 7

Weekly Deeper Life Discipleship zoom meetings: 8 months

Weekly Lifeline Caregiving Course (10 sessions June-August)

Books published

John Best – ebooks: 5; paperback: 1

Lee Turner – Audio book


Those who completed GFI certification: 2

Luther Rice Seminary students who completed GFI practicum – 9

Web site visits 44,930 180,578 1,674  4,114

Site developments

Micro site for Planned Giving (via Orchard Foundation)

New online store at GFI’s web site (Shopify platform)

Video channels views  16,200 [1,770 subscribers, 12 videos posted]  7,000 [ 57 new videos]

Audio channels listens: 4,185 listens: 20,349 online course portal

Students: 522 students

Enrollments: 938 enrollments

New courses – 2

Constant Contact Eblasts (issues)

Glimpses of Grace 12

Solomon’s Wisdom 12

Grace Notes 51

Certification Coaching e-letter 10

Postal mail newsletters to full mailing list

Glimpses of Grace newsletter (office team): Spring, Christmas – 2

A testimony from Nigeria

…We are now at the close of the fourth chapter of The New Life by Captain Reginald Wallis. The book has been transforming for us as an assembly in Otukpo.  It’s indeed complementary to our previous study from Handbook to Happiness and For Me to Live is Christ by Dr. Charles R. Solomon. I observed most of the brethren found it easier to comprehend.

On behalf of the church, I want to say Thank you for recommending the book.

As we are now at the middle of the book, I’m beginning to be exercised on finding or choosing the next book for us to study; especially along the same line. I’m yet to narrow down on any. Could you please make a recommendation or send a PDF of any you feel will further help us understand and apply the message of the Cross?…