Social Media Initiative

Dr. Solomon has just written seven brief Christ Centered Counseling messages intended to be shared on social media. We invite all of our readers to “copy and paste” these paragraphs and share them one at a time on Facebook and others forms of social media. Here’s one on depression, followed by the other recommended postings.


The Church’s Answer to Depression

Since 1970, many have been set free from depression in less than 5 interviews. One businessman had been depressed for 8 years and was scheduled for electroshock therapy (EST). Upon learning and acting on the answer, he was free in two (2) days. Eight years later, he had endured no depression. To learn more, visit…/

A young man returned from deployment in Iraq with a head injury, migraines, and PTSD. He had daily injections for the migraines and considered suicide, the fate of many returning veterans.  He studied the materials referred to here and the Spirit of God released him from his PTSD symptomatology. Today, he is pastoring a church and ministering to fellow PTSD sufferers – his name is Mark Miller. To learn more, visit

A man had been abusing his wife and was forced to leave his home. While in a motel, he had a gun to his head, intent upon suicide. As one last gesture at life, he called a counseling center where the subject message was taught and found peace and victory in a single session.  He did need to lose his life, but not in the way he had planned.  To learn more, visit

An attractive young lady sought counseling for disabling panic attacks. Though she was very talented, she was about to give up on life! She understood and accepted God’s answer and is today a productive wife and mother. To learn more, visit

A man at 49 had been addicted to alcohol and drugs for 35 years. When the Spirit of God met him, he was instantly freed of all drugs and alcohol, except nicotine, which came two weeks later. To learn more, visit

Many have suffered emotional and sexual abuse and carry emotional damage into adulthood, frequently imparting hostility to those in close proximity. It comes as welcome news that they can have a new past, which positively impacts their present! A man had been abusing his family, including two sons, and was ejected from the home. He sought and found spiritual help and was committed to help his family. He unilaterally loved his wife resulting in her surrendering to the Lord and having a unified family. To learn more, visit

Almost without exception, Christians and all others live from a human-based identity. Though it may be working well in time, it is worthless in eternity. A transition in identity will have a major impact on the life here and now! To learn more, visit

Ministry Projects in 2018

2018: Looking Forward with Hope
This is 49th year of ministry for Grace Fellowship International. God used Dr. Charles Solomon to clarify and integrate the fuller message of the Cross with an effective, reproducible, personal counseling approach. The ministry grew to six offices around the country, and eventually to a network of over 100 ministries (known as Network 220). Ministries around the world use Handbook to Happiness (available in 10 languages) and/or the Wheel and Line tract (available in over 45 languages freely online). Pastoral Counselors are supported through our international budget in India, Romania, Kenya, and South Africa.
We request prayer for these projects:
*The publication of the Spanish translation of For Me to Live is Christ. This 8 lesson workbook presents the basics of the wheel and line message in an inductive format. The English workbook videos have been used in churches and small groups since 2014. The Spanish videos of Para Mi el Vivir es Cristo have been produced recently and are now available online and by DVD.
*The completion of our newest CEU course: Christ Centered Addiction Recovery. Addictions, especially to drugs and alcohol, are devastating to individuals and families. We will summarize this category of life-controlling problems and show how to help someone through Spirituotherapy, freedom in Christ, and supportive grace discipleship resources.
*Spiritual Renewal Retreat for pastoral couples. Last summer we piloted a three day retreat for pastors and their wives in scenic Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is an opportunity to “come apart and rest a while” with two worship & fellowship meetings and a personal prayer and share session. We are planning another retreat in the spring and seek the Lord’s guidance on whom to invite and how to best minister to them.
Thanks for your prayers for these projects!
Video lessons for the How to Exchange Your Life for a New One booklet. This bookletby Dr. Phil Jones is an excellent entry level evangelism and discipleship resource. The study is being used to welcome church visitors, in prison ministry, on mission trips and more. Pray for the three teachers who are preparing to teach two lessons each.