Leading a Child to Christ

Ron_S_videoWe have just added a DVD to Grace Fellowship’s inventory–Leading a Child to Christ. This is a training video in which Ron Solomon explains how to share the gospel with children. The ministry context is the Caraway Street children’s church program, but the instruction is valuable for all kinds of children’s ministry.

The tuition discount on our new Christ Centered Children’s Counseling course ($49.00) continues through January 31st. For details see the blog post, and enroll by calling GFI at 865-429-0450.

Grace and Grief


John gave a talk last Sunday to a GriefShare group hosted by 1st Baptist Church, Pigeon Forge. How does appropriating one’s identity in Christ assist in the journey of healing from loss? Here is a recording at GFI’s audio channel: http://gfiworld.sermon.net/main/main/20846294

Illness & Hope: Update from Joe Freeman

Joe Freeman speaking at GFI Tennessee conference - November 2014

Joe Freeman speaking at GFI conference – November 2014

Our friend and associate, Joe Freeman posted this update on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday my doctor reminded Cherri and me that I am terminal. My disease is killing me and I am terminal. Well, aren’t we all? But then I remembered John 3:16 where Jesus says to Nicodemus, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” Well, I not only believe in Jesus, He is my life. By the world’s standard, I am terminal, toast, a goner, dead man walking. By Jesus’ definition, I am eternal. I am NOT dying but transitioning Home. Everyone who reads this has that same opportunity. Please let me know if you want me to contact you to explain how you can experience this. Take care of it today because either way, your opportunity is running out. I will get back to you via Private Message. Thanks.”

Let’s keep the Freemans in prayer during these difficult days. See Joe’s testimonial video here:

January 1-4 Meetings in Dublin

January 1-4 John Woodward ministered at the Spiritual Awakening Conference in Dublin, Ireland. John VanGelderen (RevivalFocus.com) was the co-speaker. The 12 meetings were well received by the host congregation of Lifegate Bible Baptist Church. Also, pastors and other ministry leaders attended. Grace Fellowship books and media were distributed to equip them for Exchanged Life discipleship and counseling. Pastor David O’Gorman testified that the Lord used the meetings to impact people, and he looks forward to using the resources. Several are excited to continue with the counseling training process. Let’s pray for those ministering in the Emerald Isle. Photos of the meetings and Ireland sites are at gfiworld.shutterfly.com.

A Hurting Child in Your World

A thank you picture from a young counselee

A thank you picture from a young counselee


Blogger, Jenny F. Writes:

“There is a hurting child in your world.

You may know he’s hurting, you may not. He might be in your neighborhood. He might be in the children’s ministry class you lead. He might be on your son’s baseball team. He might be your son’s best friend or he might be the kid who drives your child crazy. He might live next door. He might live in your home.

She may act like she’s hurting, she may not. She may have big, sad eyes. She may be bouncing off the walls and seeking lots of attention. She may not say a word or she may have more words than you really want to hear. She may be the one who is trying to follow every rule and be the perfect child. Or she may not…” Continue reading at:

Note: GFI’s new Christ Centered Children’s Counseling course is available under “GFI Counseling Institute” / Diploma Courses. The discounted tuition ($49) has been extended for those who enroll in January. The course is taken at one’s own pace–no due dates. Please call Grace Fellowship at 865-429-0450 or use the online store tuition ticket to get access to this resource!