Christ-Centered Soul Care Seminar Conducted



Last Saturday, John conducted a seminar for pastors and lay leaders at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Bellefontaine, Ohio. It was the first time this content was formatted for a 9:00am-12:30pm equipping event. We trust the Lord will continue to bless the ministry of this grace-oriented church and open more opportunities to present this seminar.

Outreach in Philippines

This email was received this morning from the Philippines. The new Maguindanaoan translation of the Wheel & Line tract will be printed this weekend.  Please pray for tract distribution and training of the Muslim Tribal Group Leaders. The PDF of this translation is here.


“Beloved Dr. Chuck,

…Our proofreaders said, [the wheel and line tract is a clear Maguindanaoan translation, even kids could understand the message of wheel and Line in Maguindanaoan (Muslim) language… Praise God, thank you so much for continued prayer. I believe this time is Harvest Time. My Plan for distribution is this coming June 26-27. First, we will gather the Muslim Tribal Groups Leaders here in Davao Region, we will have orientation first about its content . Then we will equip them with prayers and truths from the wheel and Line tracts. The next step is house to house evangelism and as the Lord will reveal strategies thru His Word, backed up with deep and intense prayer.…This Saturday the printing begins,

I came from that [conservative Muslim] bloodline, But I believe Zech. 4:6: “‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD.'” By the Grace of God, I pray every day that all the Muslims here in Philippines will open their eyes to the Truths that will bring them to Jesus our Lord and Savior.

God bless and [provide] more Power!

In His love and Prayers,
Aslerado and Maribel Lumimpa
Grace Fellowship Int’l in Muslim Mindanao
Panabo City, Philippines “

Outreach in Malawi, Africa

(see video link below)

(see video link below)

GFI alumni, Hans and Elly Timmermans, have returned to northwest Malawi for another month of ministry. They will be teaching the “wheel and line message” and equipping leaders with one-to-one discipleship and life group training and resources. Let’s pray for continued 2 Timothy 2:2 multiplication through their mission trip and beyond. Details of this outreach are at their blog:   And a video of their testimony and Malawi work is on the Grace Fellowship video channel here.

My Certification Process Experience

Cherri Freeman - "Love Them to Life"

Cherri Freeman – “Love Them to Life”

by Cherri Freeman

My certification process has been a long one, extending over three and a half years. I first went to Grace Fellowship International in November, 2011, thinking that I was only attending the conference. I was first offered a scholarship for the workshop and then a further scholarship for the Solomon School of Counseling. At that point in time, counseling was very far from my mind; however, God had other ideas! The truths of the Exchanged Life became very clear to me during that time and I knew that I would never be the same.

Joe and I were called into full-time ministry as field staff with GFI in April, 2013, including solidifying the relationship with John Woodward as our mentor. We have felt the call to take the grace message to those who are in addiction so that they also can experience freedom in Christ. The motto of our ministry is “Surfing the wave of grace as we reach out to those in addiction and to those who love them.” God has blessed in so many ways as we see lives transformed and families restored. This journey has been difficult but also rewarding.

Joe has taken classes towards a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling. I felt that I should complete the GFI counseling certification process and have been working closely with John Woodward to meet the requirements. The reading list was a blessing, as were the video and audio series. Working with counselees who have been abused or who have addiction issues personally or in their family is difficult but rewarding.

God has led me to start a ministry to mothers who have children in addiction and that has provided opportunities to counsel many women, including leading several to make a decision for Christ. [] I am grateful to be able to use the experiences that have hurt me to be able to encourage, exhort, teach, pray with, and share the love of God with others in pain.

Update from South Africa


Piet duToit and family

We are busy with our 5th seminar in our six week seminar tour in the Northern part of our country. Next week we will be visiting a church in the Kwazulu-Natal Province in the eastern part of South-Africa. It is a great pleasure for us to travel various parts of our country to visit different churches with the message of the Cross. The Christ-Cross Centered Counselling model gets more interest from congregations too.

The moment that people realize that they are living out of a wrong identity and that their self-centeredness are the actual problem, their spiritual eyes open to come to the Cross! Another “Wow” moment are when they hear and realize what really happened on the Cross, not what happened to Jesus on the Cross, but what happened to them in Him on the Cross!! Therefore, we can honestly report that we experienced lots of blessings during the last month while sharing this powerful message of the Cross.

…We pray God’s blessings over you and the Grace Fellowship International personnel. It is a great honor for us to be part of the GFI family.

Piet & Sylvia du Toit

Kuils River, South Africa.