The Use and Abuse of the Bible (The Bible Perspective)

by Rob Clogg


bibleWhen Jesus was on earth four prominent groups sought to influence culture. The Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots and Essenes all had different perspectives. Pharisees were ‘conservatives’ who added numerous extra laws to live by. Sadducees were liberals’ who denied miracles. Zealots were militants who wanted to overthrow the Roman system. Essenes were like monks who withdrew from society. Jesus chose not to identify with any of them.

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

A paraphrase says, “Don’t be shaped into the world’s mold.” In the Message, “Don’t become so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.

Jesus was countercultural. He did not identify with any of these groups. However, He was more conservative than any conservative because He was “truth”, more liberal than the liberals because He was “love”. He not only withdrew from people but he carried on intimate conversation with His Father. He was more zealous than the zealots because he won the greatest battle in history by going to the cross.

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Developments in Pakistan

Handbook to Happiness is coming off the press in Urdu in Pakistan.  Via Skype, Chuck Solomon spoke to a group of 500 at a church in Lahore, Pakistan at 3:00 A.M. on November 13th.  Each attendee received an Urdu Wheel & Line tract to refer to during his lecture, and each will receive a Handbook. Pray for the translator, Simon. His father (also a pastor). He believes God will use Handbook’s message to spark revival in the churches there.

See a photo book of the church herePakistan.

Testimonies from Workshop Alumni

Renee and Robert with John & Chuck 11/2014

Renee and Robert with John & Chuck 11/2014

Testimonies from November’s Workshop are arriving. Renee W. has written up her testimony about the way God has used this Christ-as-Life message in her spiritual journey.

And Jim H. reports from Mexico that God is impacting lives through his teaching and using the GFI Spanish resources in counseling situations there. Praise the Lord!

Glimpses of Grace Fall/Winter 2014

The newsletter of Grace Fellowship International, Glimpses of Grace,  was mailed out last week. Those who are contributors and alumni in the U.S. should get one in the mail soon. A digital copy is available online at the newsletter page. We pray that the news and devotional content will be a blessing, and more will be prompted to partner with us in the mission of Christ-Centered Soul Care.

Conference and Workshop held Nov. 7-13

Grace Fellowship Workshop group, November, 2014

Grace Fellowship Workshop group, November, 2014

The Lord blessed the recent Exchanged Life Conference and Counseling Workshop in Pigeon Forge, TN. We had attendees from several states–pastors, missionaries, counselors and others eager to be equipped. There were testimonies of spiritual breakthrough and personal discoveries of the potential for Christ-centered discipling and counseling. The next local events are scheduled for March 6-12, 2015. Please check the Coming Events section of the web site for conferences in other states. Photos of ministry activities in the fall, including these events, are available at

Mission Trip To Philippines

philippinesGFI board member, Hans Haun, left November 13th for his mission trip to the Philippines.  He will have an exchanged life conference in Bohol this week for 30+ pastors.  On his way home on the weekend, he will lay over in Manila and speak with 5-6 pastors from a large church there.

GFI missionary, Perfecto Mumar, will be hosting the conference and Pastor Joel (GFI trainee) will also attend.  Please pray for all the pastors involved and Hans.

Ohio Conference

Bellfontaine Ohio Conference, Oct.31-Nov. 1 2014

Bellfontaine Ohio Conference, Oct.31-Nov. 1 2014

Last weekend John presented a Christ is Life Conference in Bellefontaine, Ohio. About 55 attended this event hosted by Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Pastor Chuck Temple gave a personal testimony of how knowing Christ as Life has impacted his relationships and ministry. This 8 minute audio is at the GFI channel here.