New Blog

clockRob Clogg has launched a personal blog: Perspectives. He will write articles from time to time on a variety of topics and keep supporters up to date with his personal ministry calendar. A recent blog post is “Marriage Breakdown and Breakup (Clock Perspective)”.  See

New DVD Album Available

A new video series has been published for the For Me to Live is Christ Bible study. The DVD album features a testimonial intro by Charles Solomon (see it on YouTube) and eight 30 minute video lessons by John Woodward. A CD-ROM is included with a digital copy of the Leaders Guide and Answer Key. Session five is available for preview on the Download/Online View page for those who purchase the download option.

May this DVD album and workbook help many small group leaders and teachers communicate the “not I, but Christ” message!



Glimpses of Conference and Workshop


Workshop practice session

Workshop practice session

A photo album of the recent GFI Conference and Workshop in Tennessee is online:

And these pics are also in a video slideshow on GFI’s YouTube channel: