Year-End Update

Equipping believers to live victoriously, disciple strategically, and counsel effectively

Highlights of this year

The team at Grace Fellowship gives thanks for the prayers and support we have received this year. Ministry highlights include the three annual training weeks in Tennessee with participants from the U.S. and several other nations. John Woodward also conducted conferences in Illinois, West Virginia, New Jersey and Minnesota.

We welcomed new field staff members. Joe and Cherri Freeman, based in New Jersey, are targeting a huge need across the nation. Under the banner of XL Ministry Project, they offer Christ-centered addiction recovery (transformation). Recently, veteran Exchanged Life counselor and trainer, Rob Clogg, also joined us. He and his wife, Dottie, are in South Dakota.

Mission trips

In April we partnered again with the Fermata ministry to pastoral couples, this time in southern Brazil. In June/July we had one of the most significant trips in our history–the conferences to over 500 leaders in Bogota and Girardot, Colombia. Our ministry partner there, CENFOL, is planning several training events in Latin America with us for next year.

Our international workers continue to see transformational change in many lives. Another epic trip was made to Nepal by “Westin”. In South Africa, Hendrik and Nehlsie DeBruto are moving to Pretoria and Exchanged Life teacher, Piet duToit, is taking on GFI ministry in the Western Cape. Grace Counseling India has been rejuvenated. Peter Mihent is counseling and teaching in Romania. Perfecto Mumar continues to preach his message of “the Second Aspect of the Cross” in the Philippines. (His home was destroyed in the terrible typhoon there; donations are being received for him.)

Our year is at its end,
And Christmas does us beckon;
The new year on the horizon
Portends much with which to reckon!

A powerful Church is needed
By our country headed for loss;
If the Church fulfills its’ destiny,
It must be centered in the Cross! (1 Cor. 1:18)

“The Holy Spirit is sufficient to empower the Church for what promises to be unprecedented demands! We have a counseling approach for those who are desperate. It has been proven over four decades, with all necessary materials, but it will require much extra funding to inform and equip the Church for its role in the coming onslaught, because of our country’s critical situation! Will you please pray about a generous year-end gift to enable us to be a blessing to the Church?”
– Founder & President, Chuck Solomon

You may contribute online through secure connection GFI PayPal, by telephone (credit or debit card), or by writing:

Grace Fellowship International
Box 368, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

Toll free: 1-888-66GRACE.

Thank you!

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